June 13, 2020


5 chapters in 5 weeks – in English language

We are happy to present our first online course on lateral movements with exclusive films, scripts, graphics, lectures and a weekly Q&A session! Lateral movements are the main component of our work in classical dressage, which is why we would like to explain and develop every lateral movement together with you step by step. The course takes place over a period of five weeks and is divided into 5 chapters. >> Click here for further information, we look forward to meeting you online!

Available on DVD and online at wehorse.com

The successful presentation by Anja Beran “TRAINING THE EYE – recognising training which is appropriate to the requirements of the horse” has also been released on DVD. You can order the DVD here in the Boutique – our online shop!


Patrick King chatting with Anja Beran

One hour about classical dressage

In TALKING ABOUT HORSES, Patrick brings you some of the best riders, horsemen, trainers, equine advocates, and thought leaders in the horse industry for tips, insights, and stories. These broadcasts are first presented LIVE through Facebook. You can listen at home, at work, in the car, or in the saddle either thru Facebook, YouTube, or by downloading the podcast from iTunes. >> Patrick King Horsemanship Facebook Broadcast

cancellation due to Corona

10th International Workshop has to be cancelled

We would be happy to see you in 2021 again

We are very sad to announce that the 10th International Workshop “Get the spirit!” has to be cancelled this summer due to Corona. However, it definitely will take place in 2021 – the exact dates will be published soon! For those of you who would like to extend their knowledge and stay in contact with us we recommend our online course with the topic “lateral movements”, which begins on June 13th in English language. >> Subscribe here!

Meet Anja Beran on wehorse – the Online Riding Academy!

Achieve everything you have ever wanted with your horse. Unwavering trust. Shared success. Unforgettable experiences. With wehorse you always get the advice and exercises you need right away. >> Anja Beran on wehorse.com

Anja Beran lives for the horses, her whole commitment is the training of horses according to classical principles. Learn in the interview with Anja Beran about the various activities and offers from the trainer and her foundation of the same name.

>> Interview with Anja Beran

We owe the majority of the images to photographer Maresa Mader who always presents our horses and their riders at their best. Maresa Mader has also provided photographs for four books by and with Anja Beran.

>> maresamader.com