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The successful presentation by Anja Beran “TRAINING THE EYE – recognising training which is appropriate to the requirements of the horse” has also been released on DVD. You can order the DVD here in the Boutique – our online shop!


Award for Anja Beran

Anja Beran is being awarded the Change Makers Medal of Honour at our International Workshop

Anja is the 6th person in the world to receive one. The medal is only given to people who dedicate their lives to animal welfare at great personal cost and solely with that animal’s welfare at the core of their work, compassion and passion. The criteria for selection are: compassion, excellence, commitment, philanthropy, courage, and resilience. Read more about the background and goals of the Change Makers Foundation

Anja Beran lives for the horses, her whole commitment is the horse training according to classical principles. Learn in the interview with Anja Beran about the various activities and offers of the trainer and her foundation of the same name.

Interview with Anja Beran

We owe the majority of the images to photographer Maresa Mader who always presents our horses and their riders at their best. Maresa Mader has meanwhile provided photographs for four books by and with Anja Beran.