Horse Accommodation

Stabling Arrangements

Gut Rosenhof is specialised in the keeping of stallions and strives for a horse-friendly accommodation.

A total of six stable blocks provide facilities such as:

  • bright and spacious exterior boxes
  • paddock boxes
  • enclosures with a good drainage system covered with Equiterr mats which means they can be used in all weathers.
  • light and airy open boxes with direct access to the field for grazing
  • depending on availability there are separate guest boxes
  • six sand enclosures
  • stable corridor floor equipped with a non-slip rubber covering
  • special grooming places with an equine vacuum cleaner
  • interior and exterior washing place
  • modern tack rooms

The farm also has an open stabling arrangement with meadows for a few old, retired horses.

Since January 2011 our horses have been able to enjoy the benefits of new round stabling facilities. The building has been designed with a specially landscaped roof which not only has ecological advantages – it also makes a significant contribution to a good indoor climate. The stabling provides for 8 spacious paddock boxes, a separate grooming stall as well as a tack room and a feed chamber. The stabling has anti-slip ecu rubber flooring throughout. A hydraulic device makes it is possible to open the dome roof of the building in good weather. This round stable arrangement is a real family project. It was constructed by my brother, Jens Nuessler (Gartenmanufaktur Nuessler) and his team within a very short time and in top quality!

Grazing Facilities

Gut Rosenhof now offers 3 hectares of newly fenced-in (Firma Berger) grazing facilities for horses, which are even larger and more convenient than before. All stallions enjoy open grazing in the fields. The fields are not treated with artificial fertiliser and are cared for regularly and cleared of dung with the “Amazone-Grasshopper”.


In collaboration with selected farmers, we provide our horses with top quality hay. Our horses are fed hay according to their natural eating habits, i.e. 6x per day in appropriate quantities! We have been practising this principle, intended in the first place to prevent horses suffering from colic, for a considerable number of years.
In order to avoid allergy-related diseases, i.e. coughing as well as digestive problems, we have recently acquired a Hay Steamer (HeuMaster) for all horses, which kills off mould, dust mites and bacteria by steaming hay at a consistent 90-100 degrees centigrade.