Gut Rosenhof

Gut Rosenhof is situated in the heart of the picturesque lower Alpine landscape at a height of 910 meters, and is therefore classed as a mountain farm. Surrounded by extensive pastures and forests, this unique place has the character of an attractive isolated farm. Gut Rosenhof is not only a training yard with an equestrian centre – it is also home to a variety of animals and plant species.

All building measures undertaken on the premises are subjected to one important precept – to convey harmony, relaxation and peace to people working and learning here. Because these elements represent the basis of support for training in keeping with the requirements of the horse as well as for effective, sustainable teaching sessions.


Gut Rosenhof is specialised in the keeping of stallions and strives for a horse-friendly accommodation … >


The indoor riding arena built in 2000 is the centre of the riding site. The arena is thermal insulated and … >


Gut Rosenhof stands for classical equitation, as well as natural garden art … >


Animals without secure livelihood, can look forward to a well-guarded home on Gut Rosenhof … >


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