Anja Beran Foundation

“My principal aim in life is to ensure that classical equestrianism, which has come to mean so much to me, gains more followers and meets with greater appreciation. It is my great wish that many riders should become genuinely enthusiastic about classical equestrianism in its original and fundamental sense.”

− Anja Beran −

This wish led to the establishment of the Anja Beran Foundation in 2009. The objectives and missions of the Anja Beran Foundation are implemented by Anja Beran and her team at Gut Rosenhof. The Anja Beran Foundation is a non-profit making foundation having legal capacity under civil law.


The main focus of the Anja Beran Foundation is to preserve classical equestrianism and to support animal welfare and environmental protection … >


There are many forms to support the objectives of the Anja Beran Foundation, you are very welcome to get involved with our work … >