Monday|16. July 2018

8th International Classical Dressage Workshop ”Get the Spirit” with Anja Beran in English language on 16th – 21st July 2018 at Gut Rosenhof, Germany

“Riding in Harmony and Lightness”
Learning & Inspiration * Training for the horses well-being * Meet like-minded people from all over the world * with Anja Beran and her team

Course overview:

  • Insight into Classical Dressage with Anja Beran & her team
  • Every day the workshop takes place between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and continues between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Work with different horses, from breaking-In to high school movements, also work in-hand and long-reining
  • Every day a different theme, introduced by a theoretical part before working with a wide variety of horses. The week schedule see below
  • Plenty of opportunities to ask questions and participate in intensive discussions
  • One day of the week will be free for guests to organise their own activities. Possibilities include a trip to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen (approx. 30 minutes by car) or an outing to Munich
  • The entire event will take place in English.

This particularly special event has been taking place at Gut Rosenhof for eight years now, and we are always pleased to welcome back the numerous regular workshop participants who come back again to Gut Rosenhof every year.

The talks in English are very understandable – even if English is not your native language.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

It is of interest to riders of all levels (both professionals and hobby level) when the horses well-being is in mind. To riders of horses at all ages and all training levels. All kind of horse breeds, rehab horses and problem horses. Meanwhile guests from nearly 20 different countries have attended this exclusive and established workshop at our idyllic training facility Gut Rosenhof.


Gut Rosenhof is the home of about 45 horses, and all kind of other animals like camels, goats, dogs, cats, pigs, poultry, pigeons, ducks, geese, deers. It is a place which conveys harmony, relaxation and peace to people working and learning here. Gut Rosenhof is situated in the beautiful Pre Alps about 70 minutes by car southwest from Munich, Germany.

It is also possible to attend the workshop for one day only. For application or any questions please don’t hesitate to send a mail to info@anjaberan.de
For those who haven´t registerd yet: Just send us a quick e-mail!

We would be very glad to welcome you to Gut Rosenhof.

Kind regards

Anja Beran
Gut Rosenhof, Rudratsried 7,
87651 Bidingen, Germany

Preliminary Workshop 2018 Programme
  • Monday
    Elisabeth Albescu (Veterinarian) and Anja Beran comment on the topic: “To be more considerate of young horses”
    Praktical part: To train young horses. Several young horses are presented, among others: Akhal-Teke “Degni Shael”
  • Tuesday
    To correct crookedness of the horse with lateral movements
    Collection arises from lateral movements Piaffe and Passage
  • Wednesday
    Spanish walk
    Circus lessons
    Working equitation
  • Thursday
    Spare time for trips and sightseeing!
  • Friday
    Canter work
    Classical performance by liberty horses and liberty training with Elmar Kretz*
  • Saturday
    Work in hand and on the long reign
    Gymnastic jumping with Kathrin Roida

* Classical performance by liberty horses and liberty training with Elmar Kretz

At this year’s workshop we particularly look forward to welcoming the passionate horse trainer Elmar Kretz, in whose show programme Anja Beran and her team had the opportunity of participating last winter.

Elmar Kretz is very at home in classical dressage and is especially dedicated to free dressage and free work with horses. Indeed he presents his horses with such sensitivity and respect in his own shows where they perform with such grace and beauty that, quite correctly, he classifies his work as art. This workshop gives you a close-up experience of Elmar Kretz and his four-legged stars in training so you will acquire valuable ideas and impressions for doing free work as well as groundwork with your own horse.

Impressions from the International Workshop 2017 with Anja Beran & Team

An impression from our International workshop “Get the spirit” from the year 2015: „Descente de main“ in the piaffe.

Feedback from our 2017-Workshop guests:

This was the second/third time we participated in the ”Get the spirit”-Workshop and we are impressed by the variation in content over the years, and in the program this year. We enjoyed all the practical examples very much, and feel that we have learned a lot from them. It was very interesting to see and explore differences between breeds, ages and types of horses and how this affects the training. For us, riding warmbloods, it was particularly interesting to see the similarities and differences between the work with that breed and the work with Iberian horses. We find this workshop extremely useful and inspiring and plan to return over the coming years!
Anna-Lena and Eva from Sweden

I am coming back every year since its inception in 2011 because there is always so much to learn that I can take home to my horses. I am using what I learn from these workshops instead of taking lessons and it has brought us much further than any instructor in my area would ever be able to. The images of beautiful riding and balance stay with me and improve my riding as I am aiming at achieving something similar.
Michaela Hempen (veterinarian and equine clicker trainer) from Italy

Thank you for another great Workshop. Once again I came home equipped with knowledge and tools to help me continue the journey with my horse and in the constant pursuit of improving my own riding and training abilities.
Diane Gifford from U.S.A.

It was a most inspiring and helpful clinic and Gut Rosenhof is just beautiful. To be surrounded by like-minded classical dressage enthusiasts was a lovely experience and I valued every moment. All of the demonstrations and lectures were very informative and have certainly given me lots of homework!
Sarah from Cyprus

We definitely “Got the spirit” and the inspiration from the Workshop! Loved every minute of it. Learned a lot. It is always a joy to come together with people who share a vision, and listening to everything you tell/explain and show is so inspiring.
Beda from the Netherlands

This is a truly outstanding view into how dressage is for the horse and not the horse is for dressage! Truly beautiful and an inspiration in my daily work at home with my horses – thank you! We will be back annually.
Claire from South Africa

It is wonderful to see how the riders and horses progress year by year, particularly the young ones we have seen from the start like the Malakil, Safi and Nadal. It is difficult to imagine where any student could go to learn more, to find such variety of horses to ride, the stimulation of new disciplines to try, and such exemplary classical trainers than at Gut Rosenhof.
Mary from UK

For me as a riding instructor, participating in this workshop is always like a little vacation. The atmosphere is great and you can watch only good, harmonious riding the whole week – a recovery for all senses. At the same time, the event is a great source of inspiration for my own work. There is a lot to see and to learn everytime, that’s why the workshop is an absolute highlight for me every year.
Claudia Butry (riding instructor) from Germany