Online Course Work at Walk (English)

Launching on August 21, 2022



Work at walk – neglected rather than appreciated

Walk is the basic gait inherently used by the horse during most of its lifetime. As a steppe animal, it covers many kilometres per day at walk in order to find food. In modern equestrianism, the walk has unfortunately lost its significance, which is why we have dedicated a complete course to this topic. Our main focus here is to remind riders how important this gait is, and to help them understand and correctly perform work at walk.


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Saturday: 20.08.2022 11:59 p.m. CET (Central European Time): Presale Price Deadline
Sunday: 21.08.2022 Start with chapter 1
Friday: 02.09.2022 1. Q&A Session
Monday: 05.09.2022 Chapter 2
Friday: 16.09.2022 2. Q&A Session
Monday: 19.09.2022 Chapter 3
Friday: 30.09.2022 3. Q&A Session
Monday: 03.10.2022 Chapter 4
Friday: 14.10.2022 4. Q&A Session
Monday: 17.10.2022 Chapter 5
Friday: 28.10.2022 5. Q&A Session
Monday: 31.10.2022 Chapter 6
Friday: 10.11.2022 6. Q&A Session

The chapters:

  1. Knowledge of theoretical principles
  2. The seat and the aids
  3. Work at walk
  4. Halt
  5. Reining back
  6. Riding in conter flexion and the crookedness of the horse

The course includes:

  • Theorie videos
  • The theorie as mp3 – so you can listen everywhere
  • Riding videos
  • Exercises
  • Scripts
  • Private Facebook group for Q&A Sessions

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We are already looking forward to a lively exchange during the course and are incredibly excited to see your progress!