Anja Beran’s bestseller THE DRESSAGE SEAT is published in Japanese

Anja Beran's bestseller THE DRESSAGE SEAT is published in Japanese

Another standard work by Anja Beran was published in 2015 under the title THE DRESSAGE SEAT: Achieving a Beautiful, Effective Position in Every Gait and Movement. Hans Joachim Schmidtke, the founder and former managing director of CADMOS Verlag, landed a hit with this title in his 2014 newly founded Crystal Verlag!

“In order to be able to communicate with the horse with fine aids, the rider’s supple, controlled seat is the basis.”

− Anja Beran – THE DRESSAGE SEAT −

In 2017, the US publisher Trafalgar Square Books published Anja Beran’s book about the riders seat in English, thus ensuring worldwide distribution. Now THE DRESSAGE SEAT is even going to be printed in Japanese and we are very pleased that there is such a great interest all around the world in the rider’s ideal position. Because according to Anja Beran a stable, supple, balanced, classical dressage seat on horseback is practiced animal welfare!