Impressions of our Sunday Morning Work Session in October

Impressions of our Sunday Morning Work Session in October

Even in the wet and cold autumn weather, numerous horse lovers from near and far could not be stopped from following our last Sunday morning work this year. Anja Beran always strives to present the widest possible spectrum of horses to the audience – both in terms of age and level of training, as well as the breed. The Sunday morning work session shows in a two and a half hour program how horses are motivated in classic dressage with meaningful gymnastic work and trained on fine aids. The focus is always on maintaining the health and personality of each horse.

The spectators were greeted at the start by Anja Beran on the approved stallion Amadei Geli and by Vera Munderloh side-saddle on the approved thoroughbred Arabian stallion WM Malakil. Anja Beran started the commented program with the also approved Arabian stallion WM Safi with rider Steffi Seebauer. Both Arabians are owned by the Baden-Württemberg Main and State Stud Marbach. Vera Munderloh then impressively demonstrated with the 28-year-old Lusitano stallion Novilunio how classical dressage keeps horses healthy and ready to perform well into old age. Of course, the stallion’s training is age-appropriate, and regular rides out in the near forest are also part of his program. In the saddle of warmblood stallion Diego da Silva, Anja Beran commented on her ride, which included exemplary series of exercises in all three gaits. With her one-handed Garrocha dance on the Lusitano Fantasma, Vera Munderloh inspired the audience for the traditional Iberian riding. Lusitano Bue then impressed with Anja Beran in the saddle with high school lessons such as piaffe and passage. The final tour of the farm with Anja Beran is now an integral part of this event and leads all interested spectators through the extensive facility of Gut Rosenhof with its very different animal inhabitants.

In the coming year, from May to October, there will again be a monthly Sunday Morning Work Session, to which we cordially invite you. The event dates will be published here on the website under >> EVENTS in time. We look forward to seeing you again in 2023!

Photos: Maresa Mader