Anja Beran and team at the Marbach Classics 2017

Anja Beran and team at the Marbach Classics 2017

A total of 2500 spectators in the large indoor arena of the Principal and State Stud of Marbach witnessed two exquisite performances on Friday and Saturday: The Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra Reutlingen under the direction of guest conductor Georg Fritzsch provided the musical accompaniment for the “dance of the horses” – an exrtraordinarily impressive cultural experience.

The focus of this year’s Marbach Classics was the 200 year anniversary of the famous Weil-Marbach Arab breed.

Anja Beran convinced the visitors with a demonstration of the classical training of young remontes and impressed her audience with a free dressage performance of pure-bred Arab stallion Samir ox from Circus Krone. Jana Lacey-Krone, Junior Director of Circus Krone, also fascinated the audience with her free dressage performance. An acclaimed specialist for free dressage, Jana Lacey had brought six Marbach pure-bred Arab stallions from Circus Krone to Marbach for this special event.

Marbach Classics 2017