Course with Anja Beran at the State Stud Redefin

Course with Anja Beran at the State Stud Redefin

A successful weekend in the beautiful State Stud Redefin with very ambitious riders and inquisitive spectators lies behind us.

Besides the practice, the participants could also benefit from Anja Beran’s knowledge during her lecture “Supple and healthy – how lateral movements help our horse”. She explained in detail the function of the lateral movements, which straighten the horse and are thus the key to fine riding.

In order to apply the lateral movements in such a way that they individually counteract the natural crookedness of our horse, a thorough analysis is required:
– how the rider / trainer recognises natural crookedness
– which instruments of lateral movements are available
– and how, in the course of the training, the higher lessons develop from these lateral movements.

Anja Beran will be at the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden on 27 and 28 May!
Information and tickets are available at >> TICKETMASTER