Impressions of our Sunday Morning Work in May

Impressions of our Sunday Morning Work in May

Every horse benefits from training according to classical principles

Here we show the entire diversity of breeds from our Sunday Morning Work in May: from thoroughbred Arabians and elegant Akhal-Tekes, to baroque breeds such as Lipizzan horses and Lusitanos, to the more heavy warmblood presented by a Freiberger stud stallion.

Each horse demonstrated under saddle or in hand how classical dressage with patient gymnastics and fine aids leads to motivated, athletic horses. We are particularly proud of our two Lusitanos Ole (29 years old) and Novilunio (30 years old), who presented themselves as extremely vital and supple even in their old age. The horses were presented under the saddle of Anja Beran with her team Steffi Seebauer and Vicky Leipert, and in hand of Claudia Michaljuk.

At the end of the event, the visitors were guided by Anja Beran around the extensive grounds of Gut Rosenhof and got to know all of its animal residents.

This time our photographer Ernst Lorenz captured the most beautiful moments with his camera.

From 5th to 10th In August we welcome horse lovers from all over the world to Gut Rosenhof for our 11th International Workshop. Registration is also possible for individual days at You can find our complete event program under >> TERMINE

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