Impressions of the sunday morning work session in August

Impressions of the sunday morning work session in August

We were pleased about the morning work in August. Our numerous regular guests, as well as many new visitors, once again got a comprehensive insight into our daily training work. We always strive to show as many different breeds as possible, this time Lipizzan, Iberian and Warmbloods were represented. From the basics of classical dressage to the high school, from the remonte to the highly trained school horse, Anja Beran presents her training concept, explains the details and answers questions from the audience.

The afternoon program was organized by Kathrin Roida, who demonstrated with her team how cavalletti work and gymnastic jumping can complement the dressage work.

A big thank you to our interested guests who keep motivating us to continue and work on us!

Lipizzan stallion Favory Toscana in canter

Lipizzan stallion Tulipan Palma with Vera Munderloh in side saddle

Favory Toscana showing Spanish walk

Guest rider Gabriele Krebs with her P.R.E.-gelding Brio in half-pass

Brio doing shoulder-in

Canter on the left hand

Brio in collected trot

Brio in Spanish walk, he just learned and therefore still needs clearer aids from his rider

Warmblood mare Amazing Grace v. Boston, from state stud Schwaiganger, with Vera Munderloh

Amazing Grace carries the neck forward and up and the nose out, more and more going into a feeling, elastic rein contact

Lipizzan stallion Maestoso Stornella in portrait

The filming of a documentary continued during the morning work session

Work in hand with Lusitano Olé, 23 years old, here with double bridle

Piaffe at liberty

Olé in portrait

Canter on a small circle, only with a neck ring

Levade in liberty

Even at the age of 23 wide awake

The Spanish walk

The compliment

Work with ground poles under the direction of Kathrin Roida, here you see P.R.E.-mare Nina

…also for dressage horses a useful addition, the horse and rider is fun: Lusitano Geronimo

Trot over the poles

Feeling for distance and rhythm: canter over cavalletti

Small jumps

Kathrin Roida jumping