Impressions of the sunday morning work session in September

Impressions of the sunday morning work session in September

A wonderful late summer day, numerous visitors, among them the Barockreitzentrum Heimsheim and of course our horses as the main actors of the Sunday morning work. We were very happy about the great interest and the positive feedback! In the afternoon program, Vera Munderloh once again gave an introduction to the young discipline of working equitation and, following the event, the guests were able to stretch their legs during an extensive walk around the farm with Anja Beran.

Lipizzan stallion Tulipan Palma with Vera Munderloh in half pass

Lipizzan stallion Favory Toscana with Anja Beran

Tulipan Palma under the side-saddle

Favory Toscana doing Spanish Walk

The reference to the audience

Standing still and balanced – a challenge for the young Akhal teke Degni Shael

Degni in shoulder-in

Let the horse rest and stretch again and again

Our geust rider Julia Schreiner and her Württemberger gelding Sarrazin Forever in the renvers

Sarrazin in a very good canter

Bavarian mare Amazing Grace with Vera Munderloh

Giving the reins

Amazing Grace in an impressive passage

Amazing Grace in collected trot

Amazing Grace gets used to applause. Thanks to our audience, who plays great in such sensitive situations and supports us, to get used to the horses carefully!

Lusitano Olé, 23 years old

Olé doing piaffe only on the neck ring

Lipizzan stallion Maestoso Stornella showing the reference with Vera Munderloh

Vera Munderloh explains the trailparcours in the Working Equitation

Steffi Seebauer with Lusitano Bue in the parcours

Steffi Seebauer riding with a garrocha