Impressions of the Sunday Morning Work Session in July

Impressions of the Sunday Morning Work Session in July

In July, Anja Beran and team are having their high season: The highlight of course was the international workshop at Gut Rosenhof, but sunday morning work sessions also took place as usual, although Anja Beran had just headed back from the “Day of Knowledge” at HLG Marbach the night before, so she was tired but happy.

Here are some impressions from the July sunday morning work sessions, which was once again sold out. We are very happy about the great interest in our work!

Vera Munderloh and Lipizzan stallion Tulipan Palma at the opening of the sunday morning work sessions in July

Tulipan Palma in the portrait

Anja Beran and P.R.E. stallion Ofendido showing piaffe

Shoulder-in in the corner

Ofendido in passage

Ofendido in canter

The Spanish Walk of P.R.E.-stallion Ofendido – very expressive and motivated

Relaxed walk at the beginning of the lesson

Steffi Seebauer and Lusitano Bue showing leg-yielding on the diagonal

Bue showing extension in rising trot

Bue in canter

Bavarian mare Amazing Grace and Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin Eva Steinbach

Applause for Bue and Amazing Grace

Akhal Teke Degni Shael in trot in a long frame which is adequate for young horses

Degni who is already more round and bended

And again and again allow the horse to strech

Degni in a good forward going canter

Degni on a long rein in trot swinging his back

Work in hand with Lusitano Olé, 23 years old

Lipizzan stallion Favory Toscana and Vera Munderloh showing half-pass

Transition from trot to passage – Favory Toscana

Favory Toscana in canter

Vera Munderloh in a collected canter

Thank you Favory!

Afternoon programme

Vera Munderloh gives insights into Working Equitation

Vera Munderloh explains the Working Equitation trail

Nadal, owned by the Anja Beran Foundation, in the trail parcours