Anja Beran at St.GEORG’s “Day of Knowledge” in Marbach

Anja Beran at St.GEORG's "Day of Knowledge" in Marbach

On June 30, 2018, the equestrian sports magazine St.GEORG organized the day of knowledge at the main and state stud farm Marbach. The theme of this event was “Become a know-it-all!”, Editor-in-chief Jan Tönjes and his team have succeeded in creating an extremely versatile and instructive event that hopefully will be repeated in 2019! Klaus and Anabel Balkenhol, Uta Gräf and Stefan Schneider as well as Anja Beran were among the participants. The proven Marbach organization team under the direction of hostess Dr. Ing. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck provided the perfect setting and a smooth process.

WM Safi, stud-stallion at the main and state stud farm Marbach

Safi in half pass

WM Safi in passage

First steps of passage

Haflinger Rudi in passage

Rudi doing Spanish walk with support from the ground

Brilliant – the lesson with Anabel and Klaus Balkenhol!

St.GEORG editor-in-chief Jan Tönjes with Anja Beran

Always with pleasure: Uta Gräf

WM Safi in the stable at Marbach in respectable society