Seminar “The Riders Aids” at Gut Rosenhof

Seminar "The Riders Aids" at Gut Rosenhof

“Arouse curiosity through the gentleness of the riders aids.“

With this advice of Nuno Oliveira Anja Beran opened her lecture, in which she presented the theoretical foundations for riding aids. The aids are used for communication with the horse and can therefore be seen as the base for any training work. To ensure that this communication runs smoothly and is understandable for the horse, there is a lot to consider. Above all, the riders aids must not contradict, otherwise misunderstandings are inevitable.

All facets of the riders aids could be followed by the spectators in the practical part showing horses at different training levels and lessons.

How to assist the young horse was demonstrated by Vera Munderloh on Akhal Teke Degni Shael.

The aids from the ground, demonstrated by Silvia Wimmer with the 23-year-old Lusitano Olé. From the counter-canter to the canter in travers, piaff, Spanish walk and compliment, everything can be called up on the hand with appropriate aids.

On an advanced horse, demonstrated by horse management expert Eva Steinbach on the mare Amazing Grace of the Schwaiganger state stud.

Shoulder-in in trot, extended trot with a clear request to stretch the horse’s neck, trot and streching in canter.

Restricted aids in the women’s saddle, here consciously presented without a skirt in order to show clearly how limited the leg aids are. Vera Munderloh on the Lipizzan stallion Tulipan Palma, in half pass, in beautiful uphill canter and finally in the passage.