International flair returns to Gut Rosenhof

International flair returns to Gut Rosenhof

After two years of COVID-19 and lockdown, our International Workshop – “Get the Spirit!” took place again – and also celebrated its 10th anniversary! We were very happy that we were able to welcome horse friends from 20 nations after this break. In five very intensive days dedicated to classical dressage, Anja Beran gave the participants deep insights into her philosophy of horse training, where the focus is always on the nature and the health of the horse.

The workshop started at a comfortable pace on the first day with the topic “gymnasticising / exercising the horse in walk”. Anja Beran and her team impressively demonstrated the varieties of training a horse in walk.

The second day of our workshop was dedicated to the gymnasticising work in trot. All facets of this gait, as well as the transitions from and to the trot, were explained in theory and practice by Anja Beran and her team. Our passionate participants enriched the program with many interesting questions.

The third day of the workshop was all about canter. Anja Beran showed an extensive training program with different horse breeds, with which the rider can ride his horse in a healthy way and train it up to higher movements.

In the morning of the fourth day Anja Beran and her team demonstrated In-Hand work and how to train Spanish Walk.

In the afternoon of the fourth day it was all about long reining, circensic lessons and the almost forgotten side-saddle riding.

The last day of our workshop was about our favorite topic: piaffe and passage! With different horses we demonstrated the training path to these high school movements and at the same time made it clear that every horse can learn these movements, but it will only shine if it is motivated and proud!

By the way, the next international workshop will take place from July 24th to 29th, 2023. Save the date, we look forward to seeing you!