Seminar at the Marbach State Stud with Anja Beran

Seminar at the Marbach State Stud with Anja Beran

In front of a sold-out audience, Anja Beran gave a lecture on the topic “Last to acquire form is the horse’s neck” and then showed horses in different stages of training under saddle. The entertaining “lesson” with lecture and practical examples was very well received by the audience, because who doesn’t know this: in equestrian sport in general and in horse training in particular, not everything always goes according to plan. Numerous challenges present the rider and trainer with tasks that are sometimes almost impossible to solve. The focus on neck posture in horse training often leads to fundamental mistakes – with fatal consequences for the horses! A horse with a proudly worn neck has always represented the ideal image of grace and beauty in equestrianism. However, the latter only becomes apparent when this proud posture is the result of proper dressage work. Unfortunately, manipulating the horse’s neck with your hands is too widespread and the term “leaning” is not only unfortunate but often misinterpreted. In her lecture, Anja Beran explained how the correct training path leads to the actual goal of dressage: a horse in balance and self-carriage, which leads to Guérinière’s “Descente de Main” in the highest perfection.

Thanks to the many interested guests, thanks to Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck for the invitation and thanks to the entire Marbach team for the great organization and support!

Attention to all interested parties from northern Germany: on April 27, 2024 you can see Anja Beran live again at the Redefin State Stud with her successful lecture “Last to acquire form is the horse’s neck”! >> Further information can be found here!

Here are a few nice impressions of the practical part, captured by our great >> photographer Maresa Mader!