Start of the Sunday morning work session 2022

Start of the Sunday morning work session 2022

We are glad that our Sunday morning work session could start again this year as usual in May. To a full house, Anja Beran and her first rider, Vera Munderloh, presented a total of six very different horses – both in terms of breed, age and level of training.

The start was made by the Achal-Tekkiner Degni Shael under Anja Beran and the Marbach thoroughbred Arabian stallion WM Malakil under Vera Munderloh in side-saddle. The two young horses were a bit overwhelmed by the large audience, but thanks to calm and consistent work they were able to concentrate on their riders again and showed the lessons of classical dressage with musical accompaniment.

Then Anja Beran commented on Vera Munderloh’s ride on the Oldenburg Francetto, a son of Franziskus. They gave insights into the daily training with the young horse and Anja Beran explained how to work specifically on certain challenges in the training.

The impressive Akhal-Tekkiner stallion Amadei Geli and Lusitano Bue were presented by Anja Beran herself, and she commented on her rides from the saddle. Both horses presented themselves extremely eager and motivated up to high school movements like piaffe and passage.

At the end, one of the grand seigneurs of Gut Rosenhof – the Lusitano stallion Novilunio – amazed the audience: Under his rider Vera Munderloh, even at the age of 28, he still showed supple and elegant lateral movements in all gaits, as well as movements up to the advanced level. Novilunio is living proof that dressage work based on classical principles keeps horses healthy, efficient and motivated into old age.

Between the individual horses and especially at the end of the morning work session, Anja Beran answered numerous questions from the spectators in detail. Finally, she took her guests on a tour of Gut Rosenhof and its very different animal residents.

Further Sunday morning work sessions will follow in June and July, as well as the international workshop for our friends of classical dressage from Germany and all over the world at the beginning of August. >> Here you will find all dates.

Photos: Maresa Mader