9th symposium in the Munich Circus Krone around the vitality of our horses

9th symposium in the Munich Circus Krone around the vitality of our horses
Maestoso Stornella in der Pirouette

Again, the annual, well-attended symposium by the Anja Beran Foundation at Circus Krone-Bau in Munich was a great success: Anja Beran and host Jana Lacey-Krone presented both an instructive and entertaining theoretical and practical program. This year’s focus was on the physical well-being of our four-legged friends. Together with veterinary specialist in chiropractic (A) Elisabeth Albescu and the saddler Dorothee Zettler, Anja Beran gave a lecture about the topic THE VITAL HORSE: TRAINING – FEEDING – EQUIPMENT. In the practical part, the first rider of Anja Beran, Vera Munderloh, presented the Akhal Teke Degni Shael, the Bavarian warmblood mare Amazing Grace and the Lipizzan stallion Favory Toscana.
The external trainers of Anja Beran; Kathrin Roida, Christine Schmiedel and Marcel Egger presented the Weil-Marbach purebred Arabian stallion WM Safi ox – owned by the Marbach State Stud and trained by Anja Beran – the Haflinger Wolfendorn, the Friesian Aone and the Württemberger Cadiz. Jana Lacey-Krone gave insights into her liberty training with the Weil-Marbach purebred Arabian stallion WM Samir ox.
This year’s artistic part was under the direction of MARTINA VAN DEN ESCH. From her chosen home town Paris, she brought artistic work from the well-known equine painter Jean-Louis Sauvat and also Madjid Khaladj, one of the world’s best Persian percussionists. Madjid Khaladj improvised to high school lessons, ridden by Vera Munderloh on Lipizzan stallion Maestoso Stornella and Anja Beran on P.R.E. stallion Ofendido.
Jana Lacey-Krone presented the experienced circus horses Feisal and one of her best rearers in an impressive way to the rhythms of Madjid Khaladj. In addition, visitors were able to admire the exhibition LICHTRITTE (Light rides): artistic horse photographs, created this year as part of a very special photo shooting by Maresa Mader with Anja Beran.
The upcoming next year’s conference celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. We are grateful for the enormous and constant interest of our audience in this type of event. In this sense, we look forward to seeing you again and a great anniversary conference in 2019!

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Anja Beran on P.R.E. stallion Ofendido accompanied in free improvisation by Madjid Khaladj

Our photographer Ernst Lorenz also had captured some impressions from outside the circus arena:
In good time before the beginning of the event, a long queue at the entrance was formed; shopping at HappyHorseShop and Boutique Lusitania; sales exhibition of the magnificent sculptures by Brigitte Eberl, all about working equitation one could learn from Angelika Graf, MARTINA VAN DEN ESCH from Paris with pictures by Jean-Louis Sauvat, photographer Maresa Mader with her exhibition LICHTRITTE (Light rides).

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On the Wednesday before the event, most horses had already arrived at the circus in order to get familiar with the special atmosphere of the arena. For a flight animal like the horse it is an extraordinary achievement to work in this unfamiliar environment and to follow his rider or coach. As every year, some young horses were present again and all behaved exemplarily. Of course, it is important, that the horses trust their person one hundred percent. Such trust is built up through patient, horse adequate work.

Impressions from the rehearsals: Akhal Teke Degni Shael in a beautiful canter under Vera Munderloh; Haflinger Wolfendorn under Kathrin Roida who is busy training pirouettes and the Spanish walk; purebred Arabian stallion WM Safi showing an expressive passage under Kathrin Roida; Jana Lacey-Krone on Cartujano stallion Maestro in the piaffe; Portrait of Favory Toscana – a Lipizzan stallion from the stables of the Circus Krone, Lipizzan stallion Maestoso Stornella under Vera Munderloh in the passage.

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